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How Shipscene Works

ShipScene enables you to independently view ship movements that are tracked by imo number, mmsi number and M/V (MV) (MT) Shipname in all the major commercial  port approaches and their harbours (harbors) around the world, without having to rely upon time consuming, and sometimes outdated means of obtaining this information.

Using the Automated Identification System (AIS) which transmits data from all commercial vessels over 300mts in size, our ship tracking charts are updated on average every 3 minutes, giving an independent, almost real time overview of the movements of these vessels in and around all of the major ports in South Africa.

We also offer SMS and Email alerts to notify you of your ships arrival in any of our supported Ports. This ship tracking information, together with other data freely available in the public domain, is intended for all users who have any interest in the shipping and freight forwarding industry worldwide.

My SHIPSCENE is the first application created from the ground up in Silverlight 4.0 with the purpose of tracking and displaying vessels and maritime information in conjunction with Microsoft’s Bing mapping engine. Microsoft Silverlight is an advanced application framework that has been designed to run browser plug-ins and Rich Internet Applications across all major platforms. This allows for a user experience that far exceeds any existing Vessel Tracking software. Further to this, My Shipscene is the only application of this kind that uses the common, IMO sanctioned, AIS standard as well supplementary shipping data from a database that contains almost the entire world fleet and displays this data on a map indicating the vessels bearing, proportional size and type.

My SHIPSCENE provides the following features:

  • User created zones
  • Custom notifications and notification summaries
  • Report scheduling
  • Weather and related information
  • Shipping and industry related news.