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What screen resolution does Shipscene V2 work best with?

The best screen resolution for Shipscene V2 is 1280x1024 . Lesser resolutions tend to cut off the bottom of some of the screens.

Do I need an email address to subscribe?

In Order to Register you must have a valid Email Address

I have registered on Shipscene V2 site but the login is not working?

Once you have registered on the new site, you will be sent an automated verification email to the address you used to register. If you have not received this, please kindly check your junk mail or get your IT to check your spam folder. If you still cannot see this email, please let us know on

I have registered as a free user. How do I now purchase credits ?

Login to the system, go to "My Profile" on the top right corner. On your profiel page, enter your invoice details in full (please do not leave any blank spaces, we don't like those!) and then click the blue "buy credits" button.  This will give you a range of options to purchase SMS credits or reports. Click the appropriate option and you will be taken to your choice of payment platform.

I am a watching an entire fleet of ships and wish to load then onto Shipscene. Is there a quick, and easy way?

We offer a "Fleet Watch" service to all who are interested, where we will manage your fleet on a monthly contract basis, sending you emails when they enter your chosen country/zone/region or place. Please email  for more information.

Where can I learn how to set notifications?

On the "How it works" page on the website click on the Alert Notification tab for a quick guide on how to set Alert Notications.

Can I set alerts to arrive at more than one cell number or email address?

Yes using the notification buttons it is possible to add multiple cell phone numbers and email addresses.

Can I set alerts for multiple ports?

Yes, An alert can be set for multiple locations for one vessel using the notifations process. 

Can we use one Username  for multi-person access?

No, every user has to register 

Help, I can’t find my vessel by MV Shipname IMO number or MMSI number

The Shipscene system does not yet cover all of the world, but only specific coastal areas where a land-based AIS receiver is installed. Vessels appearing on Shipscene are equipped with an operational AIS transponder and they sail within the reception range of an AIS receiver installed on the land. Possible reasons for a vessel's position not picked up and displayed on Shipscene are: 

  1. The MV "Shipname" is not equipped with an AIS transponder or the transponder is not operational or the transponder is not properly working
  2. The vessel sails in an area where no nearby AIS receiving station exists.
  3. The transmission power of the vessel's AIS transponder is not enough in order for a land-based station to receive the signals. This depends on the type of the transponder, the type and the height of the antenna and the quality of the cabling
  4. Especially for vessels equipped with a Class-B AIS transponder, the transmission power of AIS signals is much lower than the power of a Class-A transponder and therefore the reception range in much more restricted
  5. The AIS transponder of the vessel is not configured to transmit the correct information (e.g. MMSI number, ship's name etc.).


Why are there 2 vessels of the same MV ship name showing?

Vessel names are not unique and sometimes the same name has been used on multiple vessels. An Example would be "MV Phoenix" as there are at least 10 vessels currently sailing with this name.

Why did my alert not trigger?

 Arrival Shipscene alerts are triggered when we receive a position message from the specified vessel within the designated location shape.  Departure Shipscene alerts are triggered  when a vessel departs from the specified shape and we receive a firm position from the vessel outside of the shape. Possible reasons why an alert notification did not trigger are:-

  1. A vessel passes through a location shape and Shipscene does not get a position signal from the vessel.
  2. The vessel is transmitting a weak signal
  3. A vessel departs from a location shape and no further signals are received to confirm the vessel has departed as the vessel has moved out of range. 

I am locked out of the system / forgot my password

Please contact Shipscene technical Support to have your password reset.

How can we get ShipScene past our company firewall?

Please contact Shipscene technical Support.

Can we expand Shipscene's coverage to include more areas?

The Shipscene system can be expanded to cover any area worldwide. Anyone can install a VHF antenna, an AIS receiver and start immediately sending and seeing data on Shipscene, through a PC and a simple Internet connection.  Please contact Shipscene technical support should you which to install a base station receiver at your location.

Why are some of the MV Ship Name vessel icons grey?

If we have not received a signal from a particular vessel for more than 1 hour, the vessels ICON will turn grey to indicate that the position shown for the vessel is not current. The icon will fade out completely after 5 hours. The system will also show a grey icon if you search for a vessel and it is not currently in range. In this scenario you must check the last signal received time which displays the time date the vessel was at the position the icon is displayed.

What do the 3 sub markers on a vessels icon represent?

  1. On The bow (front) of the vessels icon is a small triangular marker . This marker points towards the vessels course across the ground. The Vessel Icon itself is orientated in line with the vessels heading which is not necessarily the same as the course.
  2. The small white dot on the vessels Icon is the indicated position of the vessels  AIS transponder.
  3. The marker on the stern (Back) of the vessel icon indicates the vessels current status. Ie a bollard for a moored vessel, a propeller for a vessel underway using engines, an anchor for a vessel at anchor etc.

What is the difference between the 3 location shape types?

  1. “Zone” shapes (opaque blue) are the high level location area’s visible from zoom level  5 to 8 and cover for example large areas of coast line or common shipping channels.
  2. “Region” shapes (opaque green) are the medium level locations visible from zoom level 9 to 12 and cover for example port approaches and individual ports.
  3. “Place” shapes (opaque red) are the detailed location areas visible from zoom level 13 to 19 and cover for example individual berths within a port.


For zoom levels 1 to 4,  Shipscene displays indicative cell blocks, highlighting where we are receiving vessel AIS data from around the world. Also the number in the cell indicates the current amount of vessels that tracking data is being received from in that location.

Can notifications for a specific vessel be set for all 3 location types?

Yes Shipscene treats all location shapes the same in the Notification process.

How can I see which vessels by name are currently being tracked in one of the location shapes?

If you click anywhere within a location shape a pop up window will list the number vessels by Shipscene type. If you then click on the type the system will list each vessel by name in alphabetical order.

Why do some vessel history trails cut across land?

The Shipscene system connects the history positions as a straight line between the markers (dots)and this is not necessarily the vessels exact path, but is shown as an indicative trail. The individual position dots have a typical spacing of about every 10 minutes. If the timing between 2 received positions is greater than 10 minutes then the line is shown as transparent to indicate that there is missing data between the two markers. Typically if a vessel goes out of range from one of our receivers and then comes in range of another receiver say 24 hours later around a headland, then the system would draw a straight transparent line between the two positions.  This could mean the history line crossing over land.