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ShipScene Base Stations

Shipscene Base Stations are the physical locations around the world where we receive our AIS data and feed this back to our main server in South Africa.

AIS messages are sent by vessels on a VHF frequency which typically requires line of sight.  Our base stations therefore consist of:-

  • A VHF Aerial (Installed outdoors as High as possible to increase range and signal quality)
  • An AIS Receiver (Located indoors Connected to the Aerial by coax cable)
  • An Ethernet converter (connected to the receiver and ADSL Internet connection)

That is it!

The ethernet converter is preconfigured to feed all incomming raw data messages directly to our server.

Shipscene's network of base stations are a combination of  wholely owned stations and partner owned and operated stations around the globe.

We are continually looking for additional partner stations, so if you want to become part of our growing network please contact us via the link below:-

Shipscene Base Station