About Shipscene

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About AIS Ship Tracking and Tracing Services

ShipScene is an SA registered private company based in South Africa that uses AIS and MS Silverlight technology to provide up to the minute vessel tracking in and around the world’s busiest ports and harbors. ShipScene was conceptualised during a conversation amongst a group of shipping professionals, about the frustrations experienced in trying to obtain accurate information regarding ship schedules and the exact whereabouts of ships in and around our busy SA ports. This then progressed to capturing IMO, MMSI and MV Shipname data using available technology in order to display it on a website.

Encouraged by a growing number of users, together with the fact that the site started to feature on Google™, it was decided to employ the services of professional development partners based in Durban. They were mandated to produce a visually appealing web site that not only accurately tracked ship movements in the major ports of South Africa, but also had the ability to provide comprehensive and accurate data about the ships visiting SA ports.

That was back in 2007. As technology keeps evolving, we are determined to evolve with it, and today with the help of new web development partners Nologo, we now boast a worldwide service using a standalone application to track vessel and set alerts.

Shipscene V2.0 is the successor to ShipScene v1.0  and is the first application created from the ground up in Silverlight 4.0 with the purpose of tracking and displaying vessels and maritime information in conjunction with Microsoft’s Bing mapping engine. Microsoft Silverlight is an advanced application framework that has been designed to run browser plug-ins and Rich Internet Applications across all major platforms (therefore if you are using an Apple Mac, the application will still operate). This allows for a user experience that far exceeds any existing Vessel Tracking software that use HTML and other mapping engines.

The new site which you are now viewing, contains a brand new web portal with an interactive information hub, and a seperate My ShipScene application. 

My Shipscene is the only application of this kind that uses the common, IMO sanctioned, Automated Identification System (AIS) standard as well supplementary shipping data from a database that contains almost the entire world fleet and displays this data on a map indicating the vessels bearing, proportional size and type.

In addition to the above Microsoft technologies, My ShipScene is designed to run on Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 R2. The combination of these technologies allows My ShipScene to make advanced geographic and geodetic calculations using the advanced high performance spatial data capabilities that SQL Server 2008 R2 provides.

Future plans for My ShipScene are for it to be the first application of its kind developed as a Windows Phone Application for the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, users of the desktop version of My ShipScene will be able to use the same credentials to access the Windows Phone version as well as have settings and notification rules exist seamlessly between the 2. With the development ecosystem that the Microsoft has created for the Windows Phone Platform a large part of the development for the Phone version will simply be able to be ported across.

Options to create ShipScene apps for iPhones and Blackberry are also being investigated.

My ShipScene offers the following features, several of which are unique to this application and a first for the industry:

  • Full interpretation and decoding of AIS
  • Notifications and notification summaries on multiple geographic zones
  • Bi-Directionl Notification engine
    • i.e.: Notifications when a vessel is leaving and/or entering a zone
  • Geographically accurate representation of
    • Vessel Length and Beam
    • Vessel Heading
    • Exact Vessel location relative to the on-board position of the AIS transmitter
  • Isolation of a single vessel and the ability to view the last 1000 locations of the vessel as an animation (see vessel ‘tail’ image)
  • User created zones (privately available to a user)
  • Report scheduling using SQL Server Reporting Services (see image attached)
  • A full portal for shipping and industry related news and information on the new web site ShipScene 2.0 (developed in ASP.net 4.0)
  • World AIS feed
  • Weather and related information